Support Forums

The following are forums for transgendered people. If it has a separate area for people who aren't transitioning, I'll link to that. At this time I do not know of any non-op-specific support forums, meetings, or groups. If you know of any, please contact me.

  • this site focuses on non-binaries, but all are welcome.

  • Laura's Playground- this site has a PG (or PG-13) rating and is a support group that includes help for people who are suicidal or self-harming. Attached is an information site. Unfortunately there isn't really a section for non-ho/ops, but there are a few on there- most of the personal stories I got came from people on Laura's.

  • Susan's Place - Like Laura's, this forum also has an information site and wiki attached.

  • FTM UK- A UK based forum for trans men that is open to all nationalities and genders, accepting of non-ops.

(more to come- feel free to suggest any)