About the Person Writing This Stuff

In relation to this site- I identify as a non-binary gender, and I'm not actually a non-op. I got top surgery in May of 2010, which is the only surgery/treatment I intend to get.

I'm making this site because I feel we need it. There are very few resources out there for non-op people, but most of it either demonizes transitioning or has undertones that one day you'll change your mind and transition. I think transitioning is a personal decision, and should be made after weighing the pros and cons of both options. For some people, transitioning saves their life in a pretty literal way, for others it can ruin it.

I'm probably not the best person to be making this site, but I've spent 2 years thinking that it'd be nice if we had a resource like this. As it turns out, wishing someone else will do something won't get it done, and until someone better comes along I'm going to try my best.

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